Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Temporary power pole: Just the basics

I've always prided myself in my ability to find a good bargain but Mr. Nick is blowing me out of the water with his deals lately...and the fact that what he's buying is actually necessary for the building of our house, well we won't get into that.

So what's that in the bed of our truck? It's a temporary power pole, nabbed on craigslist for just $50 (had we gone through Home Depot the price would have been $250!)

In case you were wondering why we need one of these here's the scoop: In homes that are already built the power comes in from the road into the house through a meter (underground). When you don't have a house you have to have some place to put the meter. Solution: A temporary power pole which distributes power through a circuit breaker (still underground). We're going to install it and the power company will come and connect it from the power that's in the road (after we pay a connection fee).

Once we build our house the power company will remove the temporary power pole and extend the wire to the house for our permanent power. Then maybe we can sell it to someone else just starting their building journey!

Interested in learning more? Here's a great site I found on HGTVpro.com about the basics of temporary power.

Photo Credit: I took this photo of Mr. Nick in the parking lot of our apartment complex...we're fairly confident no one will be tempted to steal it.

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