Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to save money on your site prep

Well it's official. We got our building permit today which means we are now free and clear to build. Here are the steps that had to happen before we could get it:

  • Submit barn plans to the County and wait for them to be reviewed
  • Have water tested and approved (through County)
  • Have septic design with approval
  • Have acceptable erosion control measures in place (another inspection from the County)
  • Paid building permit fee (which covers costs for the County to inspect and the costs for them to review plans. It's based on the size of the building and the use. This first building permit is not as expensive because the barn is considered an agricultural building).
We also got the go ahead from the County to cover up our post holes (they came out and inspected the foundation).

Now, you may be wondering, how did we dig the holes and put those posts in without having the building permit ... I think we're also wondering that too (or at least I am). I asked Mr. Nick and he said, "Well technically we needed to have the building permit before starting" (voice fades off into non-discernible conversation with himself). So, no harm no foul I suppose.

Now, that we can "officially" build, here's how we saved money on our site prep.

  • We are having the same guy who is installing our septic system (in Thurston County, as of 2010, you have to have a licensed septic installer install your septic. This was a bit of shock to us as we were planning on installing it ourselves (Mr. Nick had designed it). Once we learned we couldn't do that we decided to get the same guy who was going to install our septic to also do the prep work for the barn site. This means one bid for two projects and ultimately a better deal (just like buying in bulk at Costco).
  • For our barn site we needed to bring in quite a bit of fill dirt to make a level "pad". One way we were able to save money was through our septic/earthwork guy who knew about a church that was doing some construction and was looking to get rid of their dirt (read, FREE DIRT!) In most areas there are always places looking to get rid of dirt, you just have to put your feelers out.
  • We asked our septic installer if we could get his supplier price for the septic parts (he gets a discount because he buys in bulk) and he agreed. Which means we bought directly from the supplier with his price.
So that's it. The bottom line is, if you don't ask (for a discount or a special deal) then you'll never know (no one is going to offer it to you out of the goodness of their heart). I'm not so good at this (I'm also a terrible barterer ... I could be the only person who was told "no" by vendors in Tijuana, Mexico). But Mr. Nick, is super good at this which is just one more reason why I'm so happy to be going through this journey with him.

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