Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to construct your building eaves

Almost any building has eaves to keep the water off the exterior walls. Here's our simple step by step process for how we built the two gable eaves (one gable eave = two of the lookout sections below) that are going on our barn (roofing video to come soon I promise).

You'll use three of the same 2"x6"xwhatever you used for all your other roof joists. (We used 2"x 6"x 24' that we special ordered). Measure out your 2"x4" spacing every 3'.
Clamp your three boards together so that the ends of the 2"x6"s line up.
Transfer your mark from the center board across all three boards. You'll want to trace in the outline for where your 2"x4"s will go
Here's a closer look.
Set your circular saw to 1 1/2" which is the thickness of a 2"x4"
Cut in the lines. To see a video demonstration of Mr. Nick doing this, click here.
Here is what it will look like once you've done your "lines" with the circular saw.
Knock out your chunks. You can use a chisel to get out any stubborn pieces.
This is what it will look like.
Lay your 2"x4"s in the spaces. We cut them to 33 1/2". Nail the first row only.
Measure on your 2"x4" marks at 16" and 32". You have to do this on every 2"x4".
Make your way down the row again, lining up the second notches.
Here is an example of how it lines up.
Finish up with the last row.
Make sure your 2"x4"s are recessed in as your roofing material will lay on top of this.
Finished product. Now you have to get it on the roof. More of that in our roofing post to come.
Here it is hanging up, now our barn has an eave!

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