DIY Projects

Custom silhouette pillows
Graphic pillows are all the rage right? Well why not make your own with images that actually mean something to you? It's easier than you might think.

Click here to watch the video tutorial

Other projects we have done:
Kitty Feeding Station: We built the form out of scrap wood and tiled with the cheap glass mosaic tiles from Home Depot. The legs are actually door stops. I painted the faucet silver with simple metal pain from Michaels.

Painted wood with lyrics: This is the song that was playing when Nick and I first kissed (cheesy I know but I love it). Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight, Tonight"
Painted chair: I found this chair badly damaged so I repaired it and spray painted. Then I painted the ravens and quote on the seat. It's a section from my all-time favorite book "The Book of Flying" by Keith Miller.

"Twilight is the hour I love," he told her, "the hour when nothing is quite itself, all things teetering at the edges of their names. Here I can be alone and a stranger to myself."

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