Friday, July 9, 2010

The case of the missing thumb drive OR how Mr. Nick makes me laugh

Well I've been thinking about adding a new section to my blog which means I need to find my design files. Mr. Nick just built me a new computer to help with all the video editing and photoshop I've been doing (our last computer was purchased 4.5 years ago on craigslist) and somewhere in there my TNT files got lost.

But, I always back up my stuff so I know that on my red thumbdrive there is a folder with anything and everything I have put into this blog. However, this morning I go to pull it out of my desk drawer and what do you know, it's not there. My first thought immediately went to Mr. Nick since he seems to always grab the first thing he sees when he's looking to move files. Of course, I wrote him a quick e-mail to check and see.

While he wasn't able to help me with my missing thumb drive he was able to give me a quick reminder of why I love him and his smart ass comments:

Rachael writes ...
Do you have my red 2GB thumbdrive

Mr. Nick writes ...

Nope, just an orange one. Missing?

Rachael writes ...
Yeah it has all my TNT files on it...I know how you like to "borrow" my thumb drives (don't think I haven't seen my purple one on your desk). I'll just keep looking I guess.

Mr. Nick writes ...

I can help you look tonight. I love when you let me borrow things. Married couples share.

Rachael writes ...
Thanks babe. Being married is the best.

Mr. Nick writes ...

I know. I love it too!

So I guess he's off the hook for being witty and ridiculously attractive (and possibly for not being guilty of taking it in the first place but that still remains to be seen).

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