Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home Depot's plant return policy

This past Christmas we decided to be "green" and get a living Christmas tree. We were in the process of closing on our land so it seemed like such a good idea to buy something that we celebrate with and then plant as a forever reminder.

Unfortunately, that's not what happened. We put our house on the rental market and moved within a very small period of time so the decorating of the Christmas tree fell by the wayside. Wanting to make sure that the tree went in the "perfect" place we decided to store it at our apartment until we could get a better "feel" for where it should go (this was back when I thought I was secretly harboring a green thumb and plants would grow taller just at the sound of my voice).

Fast forward seven months and our poor "living Christmas tree" is no longer living (yes, I understand the irony). So, on my mother's suggestion we decided to try to take advantage of Home Depot's plant return policy.

They say they will take any plant back within one year of puchase if you have the receipt. That receipt is crucial (according to the woman I called over the phone). We arrived counting on doing the credit card look-up (which by the way I think every store should do) because we had lost our receipt. Unfortunately they only store cc information for 90 days. Luckily though we still had the price tag on the bucket so she was able to scan it and give us store credit. Honestly I think she just thought Mr. Nick was cute but I thought about it and I'm okay with pimping him out in the name of saving money. And let's face it, he is ridiculously good looking :)

So that's that. The tree has been removed from our lives, leaving a trail of dead pine needles from our balcony to the parking lot. I'm sure our apartment manager hates us by now ...

Mom and I pose in "happier times".
We'll miss you living Christmas tree. We promise to do better next year.
p.s. Mom made my sweater for me when I was in 5th grade.  

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  1. That was only on account of Mr. Nick's cuteness because I tried to return a lemon tree once and not only did I need the reciept, but I needed the tag with the gurantee as well! She kept saying, "Well you can return it if you want, but you need the reciept..." when we produced it she said, "Oh... you've got that? Well you need the tag too..." Had it. "Oh, you've got that too? Well... let me speak to my manager, this is really unusual" and so I perused the paint chips for an hour... and that's why I painted our master suite Shoreline Blue! :P

  2. You got to be kidding me. You returned a tree, that is meant to be put in the ground, because it died, because you did not plant it. The fault is on you, not the store. Can't believe you had the nerve to return this for a refund.

  3. Well my husband started a landscaping business and one of his clients knew about this policy. My husband had already planted the plants and the client didn't water the plants as instructed by my husband and wanted him to take those plants out of the ground and plant new ones. Well she wanted him to take the old dead plants back to home depot and return them due to her neglect. Because I work with my husband and we have a contract with home depot I had to call and inform the client about the plant return . She was very determined to send my husband on a dead plant chase to home depot.m

  4. As a vendor I hate this return policy and I don't like the fact that people abuse it. You have to think about the people losing money for your return.


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