Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

We met two sets of neighbors this weekend while out working, one man had even lived next to the property since he was born in 1956. As the last piece of undeveloped land in an area of large acreage parcels our building is bound to bring some questions from anyone and everyone who has a viewpoint. Of course everyone has been very polite and super nice but you could tell they wanted the scoop: how big of a house were we going to build, what were we going to do with the land, were we going to take down any more trees, etc. etc. etc. They were concerned, but who wouldn't be, we're human beings and we don't like people encroaching. 

We shared with them our plans to keep the small forest that still remained in addition to adding even more trees. I've been doing a lot of research on "fast growing trees" and found a great website, endorsed by Good Morning America (for whatever that's worth), breaks it down into the "fastest growing trees" of which the Thuja Giant has become one of our favorites. We currently have good treed borders but, as land-owners ourselves now, we're anxious about what "future neighbors" could do to take away our privacy. By planting the Thuja Giants along our perimeter we'll establish borders now and hopefully, any more development from new owners will be of no concern to us.

Robert Frost said it best in his poem, "Mending Wall"
Something there is that doesn't love a wall...
Good fences make good neighbors. 

I'm excited our neighbors are all so amenable. I even believe they will continue to be nice, just as we will continue to be long as everyone stays on the right side of the "fence."

Photo Credit: I took this photo on the side of the road while driving through the countryside of Nicaragua. I did some touch up in photoshop to enhance the colors and make the sky more moody.

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