Monday, April 19, 2010

Salvage Finds

So our plan for the barn is to build it completely out of salvage...while Nick isn't quite done drafting up the finalized plans we do know there are certain things we want.

There are two places in the local area we plan on frequenting. Locally, Habitat for Humanity ReStore and then up in Seattle, Earthwise Architectural Salvage.

We're off to a great start already!

This guy came from Earthwise when a local stoneyard closed vision is for it to be part of a fireplace mantle that Nick builds. He was $10!

This lamp came from Earthwise was only $5. I don't know where it came from but I think it's perfect for hanging in an's over 2 feet tall!

This giant window came from the Restore in Olympia, $69. We went for a bike ride one weekend and stopped in only to find the perfect window for underneath the widows peak of the barn. It's double-paned, fiberglass...8 feet tall on the bottom and weighs over 300 lbs. Yes, we hauled it up from our apartment complex parking lot, up three flights of stairs to put it in the guest room (after I cleaned it of course).

This lamp is from the Restore...$40 but in perfect condition, I imagine it going over an eating area...there's an extra light in the middle on the bottom...I like how it's kind of farmhouse but kind of contemporary too.
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