Monday, April 19, 2010

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I've been saying it since we bought the land last December...we should really chronicle our journey online...So, I finally sat my butt down and am doing it...our unborn children will thank us I'm sure.

We bought 5.27 acres in Olympia,'s a little development that will have six houses, all on 5+ acre plots, but we are the first to fact, our land purchase was the first Thurston County Land Purchase in 6 months! It's now April and our developer showed a plot of land in our neighborhood to a family yesterday...looks like our economy may be picking up. Either way our plan is the barn and then, through the equity derived from building the barn and adding the power, sewer and septic we will build the house.

We rented out the house we were currently living in and moved into an apartment so we could save more money. The pressure is on to move out of the apartment (I swear, Big Foot lives on top of us and Smokey the Bear lives below us) before our lease is up in February...hmmm...I think we can do it!

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